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The Sandbag It!™ is a one-person sandbag filling tool. The Sandbag It!™ is lightweight, portable and reusable sandbag holder & shovel combination, designed to fit any size sandbag. This unique product eliminates the need for a second person to hold the sandbag during the filling process and easily increases the number of sand-bags that can be put in place during an emergency by 300 percent. The Sandbag It!™ allows for flat storage and features a 6-inch extension beyond the sandbag height, creating an instant shovel for fast and easy loading of a sandbag. The
Sandbag It!™ is constructed from recycled ABS plastic. and will work with any type or sized sandbag and or (wet or dry) fill.

There are three easy steps to load a sandbag with a Sandbag It!™ :

1. Slide the Sandbag It!™ into a sandbag;

2. Scoop the material into the sandbag;

3. Slide the Sandbag It!™ out of the sandbag and tie off the top.

  1. Typically three people make up a sandbagging team with one person shoveling, a second person holding the sandbag and a third person stacking the sandbags. It takes 4-5 shovel full’s of bag fill to fully load a sandbag (3/4th full). This approach results in approximately 90 filled sandbags per hour or 1.5 filled sandbags per minute.
  2. Utilizing the Sandbag It!™ you eliminate the sandbag holder, who now becomes a second shoveler. Next, utilizing the Sandbag It!™ a single shoveler can load at least three sandbags per minute or ten bags per minute (360 filled sandbags per hour) with two shovelers. This is over a 300 percent improvement of the number of sandbags filled per hour over traditional methods. This productivity increase is critical in an emergency!
  3. When fighting a flood utilizing the Sandbag It!™, now each worker is filling sand-bags faster and more efficiently. That’s vital when flood waters are rising. Do the math, take the number in your work force and multiply 3 – i.e. 5=15, 10=30, 25=75, 100=300!
  4. Dollar for dollar, pound for pound, no other device of any kind; including machine, holder or hopper, that offers the combination of portability, speed, simplicity, ease of use, versatility and cost-effectiveness of the Sandbag It!™.
  5. The Sandbag It!™ is the ultimate “GO TO” flood fighting tool.

Frequently Asked Questions:  

·  What about the price of a Sandbag It!™? You can purchase two Sandbag It!™’s for the same price as a good shovel. The price of the Sandbagger Kwickan™ makes using a shovel or other sandbagging tool completely un-economical.

·  How long will the Sandbag It!™ last? The material we use (ABS plastic) is practically as tough as plastic gets — used for municipal garbage cans, etc. The material does abrade and will wear out with heavy usage over time.

·  How does the Sandbag It!™ work with wet sand/dry sand? It works equally well with wet or dry sand, doesn’t matter.

·  What do you do when loose fill is not available, like on a levee patrol spotting a boil? We do not advocate replacing your Sandbag It!™ with a shovel! For many situations, the Sandbag It!™ can be used for scraping up loose, wet material off of a levee shoulder to quickly fill some bags and get them in place while help is on the way.

·  What if the Sandbag It!™ is in storage for multiple years? Will it still be good to go? As long as the Sandbag It!™ is stored out of any UV light (sun or fluorescent), there should not be an issue. A prudent facility/agency would inspect all equipment annually in the pre-season to check for conditions that would render a product unusable.

·  We use larger burlap sandbags, will the Sandbag It!™ work with them? The Sandbag It!™ will work with any size bag, from the smallest burlap or poly sandbag to an extra large grain sandbag.